Eduuni-ID is Identity and Access Management which heart is user’s e-mail address.

The services, which are using Eduuni-ID, requires the registration and confirmation of the e-mail address. In addition, the Eduuni-ID registration needs information about first and last name and also full name of the organization. However,  users’ can choose sign-in method themselves.

Trusted login methods are:

  • Organizations own login, if it is a member of the Haka, Virtu or eduGAIN –network or organization is using Microsoft Office 365 (Azure AD) services.
  • Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft or Twitter –login

In registration, selected login method is connected to user’s Eduuni-ID. There won’t be sent any separate accounts or passwords, but will use the existing account that user choose to log in.

Eduuni-ID Identity and Access Management can also be used for organizations own services. The advantage of Eduuni-ID is easy access control based on email addresses and fully self-service functional identity management.

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