Eduuni-wiki is a team collaboration software based on Atlassian Confluence.

Eduuni-wiki is used for creating content and sharing information in one place, making teamwork organised and more effective.

Wiki is divided into separate sites (Spaces) that have their own URL’s and permissions. All the material that the work team or organisation is working on can be located in a wiki-space e.g. Word documents, PDF’s etc. The permissions can be defined to all logged-in users, members of the organisation (@domain), members of a #group, individual users or as fully public (anonymous access). The ownership and other rights of the wiki site are retained by the customer. Eduuni-wiki is not an official electronic archive. The registration and final storage of the material must be carried out by the customer organisation according to its own instructions.

Eduuni-wiki is implemented with Atlassian Confluence 6, which features are available on wiki sites.

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